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Key POD selling dates in 2023

Staying on top of key dates and events can help your business stay ahead of the game. Here we’ve compiled a list of some important dates to keep in mind as you plan your T-shirt sales strategy through 2023:

  1. Valentine’s Day (14th February ): T-shirts with romantic or humorous designs can be popular gifts for this holiday.

  2. International Women’s Day (8th March ): Consider creating T-shirts with empowering messages or graphics to celebrate this day.

  3. Mother’s Day (Fourth Sunday in Lent 19th March): T-shirts with sentimental or humorous messages make great gifts for mothers.

  4. King Charles III Coronation (Sunday, May 6th): This historic event could be a great opportunity to create T-shirts with royal-themed designs.

  5. Father’s Day (third Sunday in 18th June): Similar to Mother’s Day, T-shirts with thoughtful or humorous designs can be popular gifts for fathers.

  6. Pride Month (June): The LGBTQ+ community is a significant market for T-shirts, especially during Pride Month. Consider creating designs that celebrate and support the community.

  7. Back to School (August-September): T-shirts with school-themed designs or slogans can be popular during the back to school season.

  8. Halloween (31st October ): T-shirts with spooky or humorous designs can be a hit around Halloween.

  9. Christmas (25th December ): T-shirts with holiday-themed designs or as gifts can be popular during the Christmas season.

By keeping these key dates in mind and planning your T-shirt releases accordingly, you can tap into lucrative markets and boost your sales throughout the year. The great thing about using a UK based Print-on-Demand supplier is that with our short delivery times you are positioned perfectly to allow customers to order just before the events.

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