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Product Dropshipping

Warehousing and 3PL services

Are you an established brand with products already in stock, or looking to add some new products you existing lines of POD items? Our warehouse and fulfillment service means that we can store the products and ship them directly to your customers without you having to get involved.

Is this the same as Print-on-Demand?

Our product fulfillment service works alongside our Print-on-demand service so that your customers can order from you and received all their products in one order, for example if you want to sell printed Backpacks, pin badges, or CD’s alongside your Printed apparel then we can store them in our website and post them to your customer. It means you can concentrate entirely on marketing and not deal with split shipping.

How does it work?

Printing T-shirts with DTGUK is really simple:

Connect Your Store

Send us a list of the products you are interested in storing with us

Sell Your Products

Once approved, ship the products to our facility in Milton Keynes

Sell your Products

We activate the products, you can map them to your shop products to start selling

How do I get started?

Printing and selling with DTGUK is really simple:

Do You Only Sell T-Shirts?

Nope! We have hundreds of garments in our catalogue.

We print a lot of T-shirts but that’s not the only thing we offer to dropship, we can get a wide variety of garments such as Hoodies, Sweaters, Vests and more. We also can also dropship a range of printed mugs and more, check out our full catalog for details

Choose Our Services

How much
does it cost?

Our fulfillment costs differ depending on the items you stock with us, and what packaging you require us to ship them in. If you have fast moving stock we don't charge storage but if you are looking to store items for a long time on our shelves we may charge a storage fee.
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