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Print on Demand

T-Shirt Dropshipping

Are you looking to start your own T-shirt business but don’t want to get bogged down with printing? Play to your strengths and let us handle the T-shirt printing, Packing and Shipping. We fulfil thousands of orders each week from our DTG facility in the UK.

Our Print-on-Demand system integrates with popular eCommerce systems so your orders flow seasmlessly from order to production. Once connected we manage all aspect of producing and shipping your orders worldwide.

With no setup or subscriptions fees it’s completely free to get started…

How does it work?

Printing T-shirts with DTGUK is really simple:

Connect Your Store

Choose from a range of easy integrations to popular ecommerce systems and marketplaces

Sell Your Products

You concentrate on sales and marketing and don't need to pay anything to us until you sell your items

We Print-on-demand

Just submit the order to production and wait for your customer to receive their printed item, with tracking provided

Do You Only Sell T-Shirts?

Nope! We have hundreds of garments in our catalogue.

We print a lot of T-shirts but that’s not the only thing we offer to dropship, we can get a wide variety of garments such as Hoodies, Sweaters, Vests and more. We also can also dropship a range of printed mugs and more, check out our full catalog for details.

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