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Woocommerce Integration

Easily integrate your e-commerce platform with our printing service and automatically fulfill print orders with just a few lines of code. Our REST API allows you to send print files, track orders, and manage inventory all in one place. Say goodbye to manual order fulfillment and hello to efficient, automated printing. Try our API today and take the first step towards streamlining your business.

  • Automate the fulfillment process: With a REST API integration, orders can be automatically sent to our print on demand system, eliminating the need for manual intervention.

  • Real-time tracking: Our REST API allows you to track the status of orders and manage your inventory in real-time, giving you greater visibility and control over your business.

  • Customisable and Scalable: The REST API provides you the flexibility to customise and expand your integration with our print on demand system as your business grows and evolves.

Other Integrations:

Integrating and migrating to DTGUK couldn’t be easier, we’ve created a range of integrations to popular ecommerce platforms Shopify and Woocommerce for simple and automatic order processing. For other platforms our flexible CSV integration allows you to control the import of product and order information, or if you are working with a developer you can use our custom API integration. All of our integrations are completely free of charge.


Custom API

Use our custom REST API to streamline your order submission process and get real-time updates on your orders. Our API is user-friendly and easily customizable to fit your specific needs. Simplify your business operations and save time with our reliable API.


A CSV (Comma Separated Values) integration offers flexibility and control for importing orders and products into our POD system. Easily make updates and changes to your data before importing, and import large amounts of information quickly and efficiently. Choose a CSV integration for a cost-effective solution with the flexibility to meet your specific needs.


The Shopify platform is our most popular integration, many people choose to sell their T-Shirts on Shopify because of it’s ease of use and low fees. It’s totally free to connect your Shopify store to DTGUK. Find out more here.

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Printing Services

Our DTG printing services can be split broadly into two different offerings, for people looking for bulk T-shirt printing we offer our Trade DTG printing service, for retail customers looking to have us print and ship their t-shirts directly to their customer, we have our T-Shirt Dropshipping service.

Being the first UK company to invest in large scale Direct to Garment printing. You know you are in safe hands.

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