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5 tips for building your Print-on-demand Etsy Business in 2023

Over the last few years Etsy has become a popular marketplace for selling hand-designed products, some say that it’s reached a level of saturation, but if you follow our keys to success then we think you’ve got a great chance of growing a sustainable Etsy business.

  1. Make use of free listings – Etsy charges per listing but you can get started for free with 40 free listings, which gives you an opportunity to get started and test the water with no upfront costs. Follow our link to sign up and get your 40 free listings:
  2. Focus on high quality products – Etsy buyers are willing to pay a premium for high-quality, unique items. Paying extra for high quality organic t-shirts from Continental, or Stanley Stella will help improve your overall margin, and reduce the number of returns you get
  3. Optimise your titles for SEO – Great designs and high quality products mean very little if etsy customers can’t find them. Etsy’s search algorithm continues to prioritise listings with well optimised titles, make sure your are using relevant keywords that describe your products in detail
  4. Personalise everything – One of the main growth areas in the last few years has been personalisation and customisable prints, with our Print-on-demand process you are able to switch out artwork on the fly and customise your designs. You can stand out from the generic designs and also benefit from the fact that personalised products are often exempt from marketplace rules on returns.
  5. Optimise your imagery – When ordering on the internet it’s the images that will catch your customer’s eyes, it’s the first thing they will see during searching and will help sell more via your listings. Picking a supplier with good mockups will help in the longterm development of your brand

If you are wanting to start your Etsy business in 2023, or if you are looking for help with scaling give us a shout and we can let you know how we can help.

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