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Shopify Vs Etsy Print on Demand

When it comes to selling print-on-demand (POD) products online, choosing the right platform can make all the difference. In this article, we will compare two of the most popular e-commerce platforms, Shopify and Etsy, to help you decide which one best suits your needs for selling POD products and building your brand.

  1. Overview of Shopify and Etsy:

Shopify is a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to create your own online store, customise its design and manage your inventory. With a focus on providing a comprehensive solution for entrepreneurs, Shopify offers a range of features and integrations to help you grow your business.

Etsy, on the other hand, is an online marketplace that connects buyers with sellers, primarily focusing on handmade, vintage and unique products. As a more niche platform, Etsy offers a community-driven atmosphere where independent creators can showcase their work to a global audience.

  1. Pros and Cons of Shopify for Print on Demand:


  • Full control over your store’s design, layout and branding, allowing for a more personalised shopping experience.
  • Easy integration with a variety of print-on-demand services like Printful, Printify, and Gooten.
  • Access to advanced e-commerce features, such as abandoned cart recovery, custom discount codes and analytics tools.
  • Ability to expand your store with additional sales channels like Amazon, eBay and Facebook.


  • Monthly subscription fees for using the platform, which can add up over time.
  • Requires more time and effort to set up, customise and maintain your store compared to Etsy.
  • No built-in marketplace, which means you’re responsible for driving traffic to your store through marketing and advertising efforts.
  1. Pros and Cons of Etsy for Print on Demand:


  • Access to a large, built-in audience of potential customers who are already searching for unique and creative products.
  • Lower upfront costs, with no monthly subscription fees (only listing fees and transaction fees).
  • Simpler setup process compared to Shopify, making it easier for beginners to get started quickly.
  • Strong sense of community and support from other sellers, providing a sense of camaraderie and shared learning experiences.


  • Less control over your store’s branding and design, as Etsy’s layout and appearance are uniform across all shops.
  • Limited customisation options for your store, with fewer features and integrations compared to Shopify.
  • Higher transaction fees (5% per sale) than Shopify’s standard plans.
  • Increased competition within the marketplace, making it harder to stand out amongst other sellers.
  1. Building Your Brand on Shopify vs Etsy:

When it comes to building your brand, Shopify offers a greater level of customisation and control. This allows you to create a cohesive brand identity and tailor your store’s appearance to reflect your unique style. With a wide range of themes, apps and integrations, Shopify provides you with the tools to develop a strong online presence.

On the other hand, Etsy’s uniform design and layout make it more challenging to differentiate your store from others. While you can still create a distinct brand identity through your product offerings and shop description, the platform’s overall appearance may not allow for the same level of personalisation as Shopify.


Both Shopify and Etsy have their own set of advantages and disadvantages when it comes to selling print-on-demand products and building a brand. Ultimately, the choice between the two platforms will depend on your individual needs, preferences and goals.

If you’re looking for complete control over your store’s design, advanced e-commerce features and the ability to scale your business, Shopify is the ideal choice. However, if you prefer a simpler setup process, a built-in audience and a more community-driven experience, Etsy may be a better

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