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Customer Success Stories: Trade DTG printing for local Print shops

A local Milton Keynes based print shop (who for the sake of their customers will remain nameless), known for delivering high-quality business cards, posters, and other promotional materials, had turned away requests for T-shirt printing for many years as they didn’t have the equipment, but after a chance encounter, we got chatting about our Trade DTG Printing facility.

They had been keen to move into clothing printing as it had become more of a common request but wanted to avoid the substantial expenses and challenges associated with setting up an in-house DTG printing facility. By partnering with, the print shop found a reliable and efficient solution for their custom clothing printing needs, providing them with consistent quality, flexibility, and an enhanced customer experience.


  • The client wanted to expand their product offerings to include custom T-shirt and hoodie printing without the burden of investing in and maintaining in-house DTG printing equipment. (They would sometimes get multiple requests per week, then nothing for a while)
  • Ensuring consistent quality, reliability, and quick turnaround times was essential for maintaining their reputation.
  • The client needed a dependable partner for white-label shipping and local order collection to offer a seamless experience to their customers.


  • We worked with the client to create a comprehensive solution that addressed their specific requirements. Our services included:
  • State-of-the-art DTG printing technology and equipment, ensuring consistent high-quality T-shirt and hoodie printing that met the client’s high standards.
  • A dedicated account manager who collaborated closely with the client, addressing any concerns and ensuring seamless communication.
  • White-label shipping directly to the client’s customers, maintaining the print shop’s brand identity and discretion.
  • Local collection options for the customer, offering convenience and flexibility in managing their orders.

  • By partnering with, the local print shop experienced numerous benefits:
  • Expanded product offerings without the financial and operational burden of in-house DTG printing equipment.
  • Consistent quality, reliability, and quick turnaround times that met their high standards, ensuring customer satisfaction and maintaining their reputation.
  • Improved order fulfillment process through white-label shipping and local pickup options, providing a seamless experience for their customers.
  • Enhanced focus on core business activities, allowing the client to grow other aspects of their business while outsourcing custom apparel printing needs to a reliable partner.

The partnership the Milton Keynes based printshop and DTG UK proved to be successful for both parties. By providing consistent quality, reliability, and flexibility, DTGUK enabled the print shop to expand its product offerings to include custom T-shirt and hoodie printing, which inturn helped them grow the other areas of their business. The seamless integration of’s services, including white-label shipping and local pickup options, allowed the print shop to maintain its brand identity while offering a discreet and convenient solution for its customers. This case study demonstrates the value that brings to businesses, helping them adapt to new opportunities while maintaining exceptional printing services and customer satisfaction.

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